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We respect your privacy and committed to your personal data/information by this Privacy policy. Read our Disclaimer

This website ie  (‘Site’) is designed for the internet visitor. This site is for educational purpose and all internet visitors who visit this site must accept our privacy policy. We are transparent and takes policy very seriously of user information to safeguard it.

What our Privacy Policy Explains?

Our privacy policy tells us about  what data we take from user device, why the data we take from it, and what we do with the user data.

Here is the Privacy policy, which you must accept before using our service.

Purpose – The main purpose of the Information collected shall be used to provide the user or visitors on shayariblast is to provide best possible services and great user experience on it.

Use of Cookies – we use cookies to access to your IP address. To keep a track on visitor or users choices about what they like about the website cookies are being used. Knowing their past search on the site, we make sure that they do get better content every time they visit the website.

Third party application and Cookies – we obtain some of your information like your name, email id. Our website server detects which hardware and software you are using while surfing our website. To know how many users have visited our website, we must have to keep a count on visitor’s IP address. Through various services like search engines that allow access to our website, we gather information based on individual and their searched keyword. Depending on what products and pages on shayariblast, the visitors have searched or viewed most, the quality of content is improved according to it. we also work on improving the interface of our website for users.

Software/plugins/app/script that we use in our website– we have  Google Analytics which uses Cookies to obtain your non-personal information.

Security – We protect user data as we have implemented many of security feature on site. Our site is safe & secure to access as it’s under SSL and running on https layer. This Website Uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) form Cloudflare to provide you our services fast and secure.

GDRP –  If you’re European resident, we respect GDRP and have cleared all the policy here, or if you still want any clarification please Contact us on